About Ingal United States

INGAL Corporation was established in early 2017 in Orlando, Florida, in order to be the distribution center for Organic Bloom for the North American market and to develop research partnerships with American entities and universities.

About Ingal Brazil

INGAL Alimentos was created in 2007 to produce and sell “diet” and organic products.
Its plant is in the city of Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil’s southernmost State).
INGAL has a research relationship with UFSM (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria) to develop innovative health-conscious products.
In 2009 INGAL started production of Phytic Acid, one of the raw materials in Organic Bloom.

INGAL and Organic Bloom

INGAL produces Organic Bloom, an organic a fertilizer developed, patented and manufactured by us in Brazil. Naturally extracted from grains, Organic Bloom acts as a natural deposit for nutrient, carbohydrates, vitamins and vegetable substances in balance, even when applied in low concentration.

For about a decade Organic Bloom has been applied in Brazil as a fertilizer in various crops, with excellent results. Now INGAL is bringing Organic Bloom to the United States market, initially by having samples tested by Florida Universities and farms.

Organic Bloom can be applied through irrigation or by itself and in Brazil has consistently shown significant growth improvement in crops including:

  • Grains: rice, beans, corn, soy, wheat.
  • Fruits:orange, apple, strawberry, grapes.
  • Sugar cane.


Below are pictures of some of the results.  For a more detailed comparison of results with Organic Bloom against results without, please contact us.

Result in Rice

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